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Our Owners

El Charro was founded in 1978 by Richard and Patricia (Pat) Rodriguez. Our doors first opened on May 1, 1978 at 2001 Wyatt Earp Blvd, seating 53 people. Then, we moved to 2500 Central, seating 135 people. Our current location is at 1209 W. Wyatt Earp, which we opened in May of 1985 and seats 235 people. Our menu was small, offering about a quarter of the items we currently serve. Rosella Rodriguez, Richard’s mother, had provided many family recipes. She was a very experienced cook with many family recipes. At the time, Pat worked at Fidelity State Bank in the morning and El Charro in the evenings. Within one year, she was managing and cooking. We continue to provide the same quality food and service as El Charro has been known for, for the last 39 years.

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